Australian Energy Storage Series

Australian Energy Storage Series

In a series of fortnightly, bite size, informative newsletters, Masoud Abshar the founder and Managing Director of Magellan Power will explain the new wave of innovation to hit the world of power management and renewable energy... Electrical Energy Storage.
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In this series of articles we will start with The Need for Energy Storage (an introduction), followed by The Application of Energy Storage, Battery Based Energy Storage, Lithium Batteries in Energy Storage, Battery Management systems amongst others.

We sincerely hope that our engineering colleagues around Australia will find the information interesting and useful in their work.

We also look forward to robust engineering discussions, ideas and feedback that will help keep Australia at the forefront of this hugely beneficial technology.

Masoud Abshar


Energy Storage System

The nature of electricity:

There are three reasons why it is desirable to store electrical energy.

First, electricity is consumed at the same time as it is generated. An imbalance between supply and demand will cause problems for stability and quality of the supply (voltage and frequency).

The second is that electricity is generated far from where it is consumed. The generator and consumer are connected via cables, transformers and switches we call the grid. Any failure in the grid system will cause interruption to the supply of electricity.

The third reason is that generated electricity cannot be transported easily to remote areas.

Cost of electricity:

As the demand for electricity varies from time to time, so does the price. The price is higher at peak demand than at low demand. This is partly due to the cost of generation at each period. Storage of electricity can therefore be a benefit to both the generator and the consumer.The cost free renewable generation such as PV and wind and high penetration into the grid system can therefore be a benefit and a liability, depending on the consumption pattern.

Once again the storage of electricity can turn this into pure benefit by reducing the cost of generation. From a consumer point of view, the electricity cost can be lowered by storing the renewable energy and buying at off peak time and consuming at peak time.

Need for continuous and reliable supply:

If correct quantity of supply cannot be maintained, the quality will suffer and service interruption may follow.

Correct quantity of supply based on accurate forecast of demand must therefore be genera ted.

Energy storage can compensate for such a difficulty with quick response capabilities.

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