Magellan HESS: Frequently Asked Questions

Magellan HESS: Frequently Asked Questions

Recently Magellan sent a newsletter to its database about its new Residential Energy Storage product the Hybrid Energy Storage System 
After an overwhelming response, these were the most frequently asked questions you had   HESS-Newsletter-(1).jpg                                             

Q: What does All in One mean?

A: The enclosure houses the inverter, AC & DC & PV circuit breakers, UPS, batteries, wiring, WiFi and touchscreen, therefore minimising install time and simplifying site layout.

Q: How does the UPS work?

A: The UPS function gives you access to the battery power in the event of a power failure, keeping your lights and freezer going for example.

Q: How long does the UPS last?

A: The batteries can be recharged from the sun meaning that you can still have power indefinitely in the event of a long power failure such as a bushfire.

Q: What happens in the unlikely circumstance of a fault?

A: The unit contains a manual bypass, meaning you can switch back to grid power until the fault is rectified.

Q: Can the unit be installed without solar or other home generation sources?

A: Yes the system can be used for peak shaving on dual tariff, meaning you can install the solar later if you wish.

Q: Does the unit support charging from the grid?

A: Yes the batteries can be charged from the grid if necessary.

Q: How does the unit normally work?

A: The unit will charge the batteries first from solar, it will give priority to the house load and export any excess power to the grid.

Q: How do you install the batteries?

A: The batteries slide into their rack and you simply plug in the DC plug, a communication cable and add 2 screws to secure it in the rack.

Q: Can you add more batteries?

A: Yes, the unit can be bought with as many battery modules as you want and you can simply add more modules at a later date to increase your storage capacity. 
Up to 6 modules fit inside one unit equaling 19.2kWh of storage

Q: How much load can the unit handle?

A: The unit has 2 outputs, the UPS can have 4600W of load with 1.5 times this in overload meaning you can have you A/C connected for example. 
The inverter is bi-directional so this can also handle 4600W of load. Total load is 4600W.

Q: Can the unit be programmed to charge at off peak times?

A: Yes the system can be told start and stop time for charging from grid.

Q: Are the charge and discharge rates variable?

A: Yes the charge and discharge power levels can be programmed if needed.

Q: Can the discharge rate be set to a certain level regardless of home consumption - i.e. would allow export?

A: Yes the discharge rate is time and power settable to allow this function.

Q: What is the standard operating mode?

A: Standard option is load following so there is no power consumed from the grid unless there is no solar and the batteries are fully discharged.

Q: What communication options are provided to communicate to the system?

A: WiFi

Q: How do I monitor the unit?

A: The unit has apps on iPhone and Android for a quick check, and then there is in depth data recorded on our server which is view-able once you register the system.

Q: Describe features of the battery cells and associated BMS which support safety.

A: Over voltage, over current, under voltage, over temperature, cell fail, communication lost.

Q: Provide details of any testing undertaken to validate battery safety.

A: Complies and tested to IEC61233, UL1642

Q: Describe the protection devices/software of the system (i.e. overcurrent, anti-islanding, ground fault detection).

A: Overcurrent, anti-islanding, ground fault detection, software based shut down.

Q: What standards does the unit comply with?

A: Complies with AS4777, AS3100, IEC62109-1/-2, IEC62040-1. Please see our datasheet.

Q: Are there any specific position restrictions?

A: We recommend no direct sunlight and natural ventilation.

Q: Is the system wall mounted or ground mounted?

A: Ground mounted with wall bracket to secure it to the wall.

Q: What is the “typical” (or range) installation time needed to install the system?

A: 4 hours, as most of the wiring has already been done inside the unit. The system needs one 3 core cable for AC feed, one 3 core cable for UPS output, one 2 core comms cable for the grid current transformer, all three can be ran to the distribution board. The 2 PV string connect quickly via MC4 connectors and the PV circuit breakers are already installed and wired.

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Magellan Power has been our supplier of industrial battery chargers for a number of projects which require uninterrupted DC power for high voltage protection, automation and power generation. The customer service is always excellent, and the quality of their products is unparalleled.

Luke Del Paggio | Everett-Smith & Co.

Schneider Electric have used Magellan Chargers for its’ various projects in WA, and Magellan Services have been excellent. Well done Magellan!

Joseph Tjo | Schneider Electric

Magellan has supplied us with UPS for a range of projects and we found their service to be firstly cost effective, secondly the back up support is good and the supplied equipment of a good standard.

Rick Krause | Ergon Energy

Brookfield Rail’s Merredin office regularly sources power chargers from Magellan Power, and we always find it an easy process for new purchases and repairs. Their Sales & Repair Manager Shijo is prompt with responses to our queries, and on one occasion travelled to Merredin to meet with us, which we found extremely helpful.

Kari Ratima | Brookfield Rail