New AEMC Recommendations are Great News for Stand Alone Power Systems.

New AEMC Recommendations are Great News for Stand Alone Power Systems.

And - Magellan Power is at the forefront of the Technology with an Australian Made Solution!

Australian manufacturer Magellan Power has welcomed the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) recommendations to allow power distributors to install stand-alone power systems (SAPS) for some rural and remote customers.

The final report issued on the 30th of May by the AEMC recommended a suite of changes to energy laws to enable the use of stand-alone power systems by distributors.

The reforms will help with the more widespread adoption of renewable power systems which can save money for network distributors by using the technology instead of installing expensive extra poles and wires in remote areas.

Managing Director of Magellan Power Masoud Abshar says the AEMC recommendations are very much in line with emerging technology and the current thinking of network customers.

“As an Australian manufacturer of Stand-Alone Power Systems, we are very pleased with the recommendations and think they are very much needed for the growth of this smart and important technology.”

“There are so many advantages to using this technology that range from price (compared to poles and wires) to environmental benefits, that really make this technology a critical way forward for renewable power, particularly in the Eastern States of Australia.”

Magellan Power has been designing and manufacturing Stand Alone Power Systems since 2009, and has a range of solutions for remote energy storage applications.

The most recent equipment deployed by Magellan Power consisted of a skid housing inverters, chargers, batteries, solar panels and options for a back-up diesel generator (as seen below).

Above: Magellan Power Stand Alone Power System (SAPS). 

Magellan Power has built different variations of the product, to suit specific remote applications. The system below for example, was manufactured to power a remote ranger station. 


“The company has experienced a spike in the orders of this type of product, due to its practicality and cost-effectiveness. This type of solution is becoming more common and popular, and we are very happy to see the review in support of its use.” said Mr. Abshar.
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Magellan Power has been our supplier of industrial battery chargers for a number of projects which require uninterrupted DC power for high voltage protection, automation and power generation. The customer service is always excellent, and the quality of their products is unparalleled.

Luke Del Paggio | Everett-Smith & Co.

Schneider Electric have used Magellan Chargers for its’ various projects in WA, and Magellan Services have been excellent. Well done Magellan!

Joseph Tjo | Schneider Electric

Magellan has supplied us with UPS for a range of projects and we found their service to be firstly cost effective, secondly the back up support is good and the supplied equipment of a good standard.

Rick Krause | Ergon Energy

Brookfield Rail’s Merredin office regularly sources power chargers from Magellan Power, and we always find it an easy process for new purchases and repairs. Their Sales & Repair Manager Shijo is prompt with responses to our queries, and on one occasion travelled to Merredin to meet with us, which we found extremely helpful.

Kari Ratima | Brookfield Rail