Battery Cell Monitoring System

Battery Cell Monitoring System

Battery Cell Monitoring System

Lead-acid batteries have a reputation for failing in open-circuit mode. This problem presents itself most often in DC and AC UPS systems that have inadequate battery management, and is the main reason why some customers still pay seven-to-ten times more for equivalent capacity Nickel Cadmium cells. 

Magellan Power offers an Australian made Battery Cell Monitoring (BCM) system that almost entirely resolves this problem. Irrespective of any battery optimisation techniques being employed, a lead acid battery will fail eventually. However VRLA batteries rarely fail without undergoing significant internal ohmic changes that can be detected and used to trigger an early warning system. The internal impedance of lead acid batteries rises as they age and, correspondingly, their available storage capacity reduces until finally the battery will not support the load for any duration.

Magellan’s BMS uses non-intrusive measuring techniques that are so gentle on the battery that many battery monitoring and testing functions can be performed automatically every day. Such frequent testing of each individual cell or block means that the BMS user becomes aware of a problem on the day that it occurs and is not left exposed to a sudden battery failure as they are with bi-annual or even quarterly scheduled battery testing.

The Battery Monitoring System consists of a control unit and a series of cell monitors. The Master control unit can operate as a stand-alone unit or be incorporated into a Magellan MCR-II series, microprocessor-controlled charger. Magellan systems monitor 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 198/204V and 400V battery banks. With sensors to suit individual 2, 6 or 12V blocks.

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Magellan Power has been our supplier of industrial battery chargers for a number of projects which require uninterrupted DC power for high voltage protection, automation and power generation. The customer service is always excellent, and the quality of their products is unparalleled.

Luke Del Paggio | Everett-Smith & Co.

Schneider Electric have used Magellan Chargers for its’ various projects in WA, and Magellan Services have been excellent. Well done Magellan!

Joseph Tjo | Schneider Electric

Magellan has supplied us with UPS for a range of projects and we found their service to be firstly cost effective, secondly the back up support is good and the supplied equipment of a good standard.

Rick Krause | Ergon Energy

Brookfield Rail’s Merredin office regularly sources power chargers from Magellan Power, and we always find it an easy process for new purchases and repairs. Their Sales & Repair Manager Shijo is prompt with responses to our queries, and on one occasion travelled to Merredin to meet with us, which we found extremely helpful.

Kari Ratima | Brookfield Rail