Perth Stadium

Client Perth Stadium
Location WA
Date 2016
Equipment Supplied


Magellan Power was approached to offer a solution for providing filtered 640kVA power for essential loads at the stadium whilst providing 20 minutes back-up in the case of black outs.

Magellan Solution:

Magellan contributed to the conceptual design of the UPS system using 2 x 520kVA UPS frames with 13 x 40kVA power modules installed into each frame. As the specified UPS was 640kVA, Magellan used 8 x 40kVA hot swappable power modules in each frame. Using hot swappable modules not only reduced MTTR but also provided high reliability and redundancy. This configuration also allows future capacity expansion up to 1040kVA. In order to achieve 20 minutes back-up time for 600kVA load at 25°C temperature, Magellan used 240 blocks of 150Ah 12V high quality Magellan Power batteries with 10 years float charging design lifetime at 20°C. The batteries are formed in 6 strings of 40 x 12V blocks in series.

In order to ease the maintenance of the system, Magellan used a common battery busbar for two UPS frames and a switch in between each three battery strings to allow discharge tests in the future.

Features of Magellan Power Modular type Uninterruptable Power Supplies are:
• High reliability, high efficiency (up to 95%)
• Hot swappable, decentralized Parallel Structure Concept
• Double conversion for pure sine wave
• Parallel operation, up to 6 units.
• Touch panel display
• Micro controlled with state of the art functionalities
• High input power factor, low input THDi and low output THDV
• Modbus, TCP/IP, relay output
• Compact in Size, only 3U Height
• Invest as You Grow
• High Power Density up to 1280KVA per frame
• Common Battery

Scope of Work
• Documentations as per the schedules given.
• Calculations for air ventilation and back up duration
• Room layout drawings where 2x520kVA UPS Frame, 6xBattery enclosures, external bypass switch and external DC junction box enclosure are shown.
• On site commissioning of the systems and preparation of site specific emergency operation

Perth Stadium


Magellan Power has been our supplier of industrial battery chargers for a number of projects which require uninterrupted DC power for high voltage protection, automation and power generation. The customer service is always excellent, and the quality of their products is unparalleled.

Luke Del Paggio | Everett-Smith & Co.

Schneider Electric have used Magellan Chargers for its’ various projects in WA, and Magellan Services have been excellent. Well done Magellan!

Joseph Tjo | Schneider Electric

Magellan has supplied us with UPS for a range of projects and we found their service to be firstly cost effective, secondly the back up support is good and the supplied equipment of a good standard.

Rick Krause | Ergon Energy

Brookfield Rail’s Merredin office regularly sources power chargers from Magellan Power, and we always find it an easy process for new purchases and repairs. Their Sales & Repair Manager Shijo is prompt with responses to our queries, and on one occasion travelled to Merredin to meet with us, which we found extremely helpful.

Kari Ratima | Brookfield Rail