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Magellan Powertronics was founded in 1991 by Masoud Abshar, in Perth, Western Australia.

After migrating to Perth as a Power Electronics design engineer, he saw there was a distinct lack of opportunity for engineers interested in creating products and solutions. At the time, much of equipment needed for mining and other industries was imported and there was very little in the way of local manufacturing.

Masouds Foresight

Masoud saw the potential to design and manufacture customised, high reliability, long life, power electronics equipment to suit Australian customer needs and the harsh operating conditions. The first product was the SPC DC power systems created in 1991.

Along the way, many more advanced power products such as the MCRI, MCRII DC power system as well as industrial Inverters and UPS followed.

Energy Storage

Around 2009 having developed high quality AC and DC systems, Magellan was one of first companies in Australia to enter the Energy Storage field and since then Magellan has developed Australian made Home Energy Storage, Commercial/Industrial Scale Energy Storage, Utility Scale Energy Storage and Stand Alone Power Systems.

Always Growing

Magellan has grown from a one-person, one-product business to the team it is today, employing Research and Development engineers, Production Engineers, Technicians, Electricians, Production Personnel and Site Service Technicians.

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