Australian Made Zero Export Control

July 30, 2018

Keep Your Solar Power!

Australian designed and manufactured by Magellan Power, the Solar Gate combines state of the art hardware and software to control and prevent the export of solar power to the grid.

In a typical application the Solar Gate determines the power requirement of a local load and controls the inverter to match this power so only a predetermined or zero amount of power will go into the grid. This allows the consumers to add more solar generation than permitted by the utilities.


  • Compatible with Three Phase SMA, Tripower, ABB Trio, Solis, Samil, Magellan Energy Storage Systems, Fronius, Delta and more…
  • Automatically recognises connected inverters and their ratings.
  • Detects excess solar power available.
  • Status indicators for power, inverter communications, power control and alarm.
  • Ethernet supporting PV Output Portal & Remote Monitoring.
  • Electrically isolated RS485 connection to PV inverters.
  • Electrically isolated USB connection to PC.IEC 60255 

The Solar Gate captures and records PV power and the site power on an hourly basis and keeps them in a non-volatile memory for 250 days. It can also record events such as voltage sags and swells. The data is downloadable via USB or Ethernet. This data logging makes the Solar Gate an excellent site power surveying tool.

PV Output Website Monitoring

Below is an example from the PVOutput website. It shows the load (red line) being followed by the generated solar power (green line). The Solar Gate ensures that the load is not exceeded by the solar power, resulting in undesirable export to the grid.


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