Capel Mineral Sands Mine

  • ClientCapel Mineral Sands Mine
  • DateMay 2018
  • Industry SectorsMining
  • LocationCapel, WA

Iluka is an international mineral sands resource company and is involved in the exploration, project development, operations and marketing of mineral sands products.

A major part of Iluka’s production base is in Australia, with this particular Magellan Power system manufactured for the Capel Mineral Sands Mine, near Bunbury in Western Australia.

Client Requirement

The Capel Mineral Sands Mine owned existing Magellan Power chargers which were over 20 years old and were using NiCad batteries. An upgrade to the chargers and batteries was needed, and since the equipment worked reliably for 22 years the company engaged Magellan Power to again design and manufacture the replacement systems.


Products Used

MCRII Series Battery Charger
Detailed product description

The MCRII combines the most rugged and reliable AC to DC rectification, which is transformer and thyristor bridge based technology – with the most advanced microprocessor controlled system, to ensure a 25 year design life. 100% Made in Australia, the MCRII series is highly reliable and designed for use in mining, substations, power stations, utility, marine, processing facilities, infrastructure and oil and gas applications. The combination of ultra-rugged industrial design with state of the art advanced communication facilities and intelligent system controls make the MCRII series the most reliable back up power system available.

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