Port Kembla Steelworks

  • ClientBlue Scope Steel
  • DateNov 2021
  • Industry SectorsInfrastructure
  • LocationPort Kembla, NSW

BlueScope Steele employs around 3,500 people at the Port Kembla Steelworks.

BlueScope accounts for more than $2 billion in sales of locally produced steel each year, and the Port Kembla Steelworks has a production capacity of 2.6 million tonnes of steel per annum. The Steelworks covers 760 hectares.

Client Requirements

Magellan were required to design, manufacture, supply and install two MCRII chargers, complete with 100Ah Lithium Battery banks for the Steelwork’s Emergency Lighting Main Switch, and Vacuum Degasser Emergency Supply Main Switch. The main challenge with this project was that the battery charger needed to supply a high current for a short period of time. The existing charger was supplying this load with Lead Acid batteries, but the cells were not performing and were frequently being damaged by the application.


Products Used

MCRII Series Battery Charger
Detailed product description

The MCRII combines the most rugged and reliable AC to DC rectification, which is transformer and thyristor bridge based technology – with the most advanced microprocessor controlled system, to ensure a 25 year design life. 100% Made in Australia, the MCRII series is highly reliable and designed for use in mining, substations, power stations, utility, marine, processing facilities, infrastructure and oil and gas applications. The combination of ultra-rugged industrial design with state of the art advanced communication facilities and intelligent system controls make the MCRII series the most reliable back up power system available.

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Private: Magellan Lithium Batteries
Detailed product description

Lithium batteries charge faster, last longer and combined with a battery life that is completely maintenance free, Lithium batteries are revolutionising back-up power requirements.

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