Solar Stand Alone Power System for RTU

  • ClientMineral Resources Limited
  • DateNov 2021
  • Industry SectorsRenewables
  • LocationPilbara Region, WA

Mineral Resources Limited (MRL) is an Australian based mining services and processing company, with many years’ experience in the mining services sector.

MRL and its subsidiaries offer a range of general mine services, contract crushing, infrastructure provision and recovery of base metals concentrate for export.

Client Requirement

The customer required a 6- day back-up power system for their pipeline Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) alarm system, which reports any failure in the gas pipeline. The 6 day back-up was needed as the area the system is being deployed in is classified as a “Severe Tropical Cyclone” region, (located 90 kilometres south of Port Hedland).

In case of such weather, the system has been designed and certified as category D (highest cyclone protection). The site itself is very remote, which is why the customer opted for battery backed-up solar power. It is located approx. 500 kilometres from the nearest town, so diesel generated power was impractical due to the distance to refuel.


Products Used

SMCRII Series Battery Charger
Detailed product description

The SMCRII combines highly efficient, hot swappable switch mode rectification technology with the most advanced Magellan microprocessor control system.
Manufactured in Australia, the SMCRII is the most efficient and cost-effective battery backed up power supply for critical power applications such as in data centres, hospitals, infrastructure, airports and commercial institutions.

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Industrial Inverter
Detailed product description

Designed for high reliability and featuring microprocessor and DSP controls, the Magellan Power single-phase and three-phase inverters are rated for continuous operation at full load. With full system remote diagnostics, monitoring and reporting via internet, along with integrated data and fault logging and settable software parameters, this equipment is ideal for hybrid power applications.

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