Sydney Waste Water Treatment

  • ClientSydney Waste Water Treatment
  • DateNov 2021
  • Industry SectorsUtilities
  • LocationSydney, NSW

Sydney Water or formally, Sydney Water Corporation, is a New South Wales Government– owned statutory corporation.

It provides potable drinking water, wastewater and some stormwater services to Greater Metropolitan Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains region.

Client Requirement

Each 33kWh battery bank consists of 14 x Magellan 40V, 2.3kWh Lithium battery modules. This module consists of 12 cells of 60Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells and a Magellan Australian designed and manufactured Battery Management System (BMS). The 14 series connected battery modules make a 600V, 33kWh battery rack.


Products Used

Magellan EP UPS
Detailed product description

Available in single and three phases up to 100kVA, Magellan Power’s customized UPS systems are flexible, highly reliable and are a perfect choice for critical applications.

Utility Scale Energy Storage
Detailed product description

Magellan Utility Scale Energy Storage can provide localised peak power, improve power quality, offer solar smoothing function (mitigate the effect of passing clouds) and provide uninterruptible power when needed. –

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