Everything We Do Is With Batteries

October 9, 2019

Lead–acid batteries are considered a mature technology as they have existed since the late 19th century. They have a low cost for their high performance, they are easily recycled, and simple to charge. Magellan Power is an industry leader in the field of batteries. Since inception in 1991, we have supplied more than 15,000 AC and DC UPS using lead acid batteries.

Magellan Power has been designing and manufacturing industrial DC and AC UPS since 1991. In the past 28 years Magellan Power has supplied hundreds of Australian and overseas projects with high reliability back-up power systems using industrial batteries.


Battery Features
  • High corrosion resistant performance.
  • High energy and power density.
  • Optimised capability of instant high current discharging.
  • Excellent charge ability.
  • Strong high and low temperature performance.
  • Precision sealing technology.
  • 10 year design life.

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