Magellan Power & Australian nickel producer 2019

November 12, 2020

Historically, this large-scale mining company had used commercial AC & DC UPS systems from multiple different international providers at their W.A. mine sites. Over time these UPS posed challenges as these systems utilised high voltage batteries, which became a safety issue & difficult to maintain, while a lack of available service providers made replacement equipment & preventative maintenance increasingly difficult to source.

The company approached Magellan Power to provide an all-in-one solution to this issue, requiring safer equipment while also having access to a reliable ongoing local service partnership.

Magellan Power proposed to replace these systems with Magellan designed & engineered DC MCRII & AC Bi Directional UPS systems which include safer batteries with low voltage connection and disconnection, as well as greater reliability with a 25-year design life and 5-year warranty on all equipment.

The Magellan Power SMCRII combines highly efficient, hot swappable switch mode rectification technology with the most advanced Magellan microprocessor control system.

Manufactured in Australia, the SMCRII is the most efficient and cost-effective battery backed up power supply for critical power applications

A key contributing factor to this project was Magellan Powers’ local capability and steadfast support of our clients, with the ability to offer Australia wide service & preventative maintenance on all UPS systems, resulting in greater piece of mind for this customer moving forward.

Failure to provide the back-up power to protection gear to clear a fault can be catastrophic. The problem with batteries in back-up systems is that there is no way of assessing their health by visual inspection alone. Often a battery recently installed that looks perfect on the outside can be totally corroded inside. The battery charger also plays a big part in the reliability of the system. A badly regulated or badly filtered battery charger can damage or even explode a perfectly good battery in a matter of months, if not weeks. Metering on the DC systems can also be misleading. They may be showing the right values but in reality, the battery may be under or overcharged.

It is therefore essential that AC and DC systems are reliable and ready for action all the time, and this necessitates maintenance both for batteries and chargers.

Masoud Abshar, Director of Magellan Power said “Our core values of `Making products that last for years’ and ‘Steadfast support of our customers’ is at the heart of our relationship with this mining company”

Magellan Power are proudly Australian owned & operated and all Magellan Power equipment manufactured locally here in Australia. We continue to offer preventive maintenance for UPS. Backup power systems and batteries Australia wide & look forward to an ongoing partnership with this company into the future.

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