Magellan Power got featured on Austrade’s Clean Energy Equipment, Technology and Services

July 8, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Magellan Power has been featured in Austrade’s Clean Energy Equipment, Technology and Services!

As a leading manufacturer of reliable Australian-made AC and DC backup power solutions, energy storage systems, stand-alone power systems and EV charging solutions, we’re proud to be recognised for our innovative and high-reliability products.

Our commitment to sustainable energy is highlighted by our 4R Lithium Battery Life Cycle Management Initiative, ensuring maximum life cycles and value extraction for lithium batteries through rigorous processes of Repair, Refurbish, Reuse and Recycle. By implementing stringent quality controls and utilising innovative technology, we actively promote waste minimisation, uphold circular economy principles and contribute to a greener, more sustainable transportation sector. This approach not only reduces environmental impact but also supports long-term resource efficiency in the energy storage industry.

Supporting sustainability, we also take pride in our Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) range of products, including our Australian made 25-year design life modular 100 kVA to 1 MVA Energy Storage Inverter. These systems ensure reliable and efficient energy management for various applications, supporting the transition to sustainable energy.

With over 32 years of industry experience, we continue to develop cutting-edge solutions in-house, supporting local manufacturing and contributing to a sustainable future not only in the Australian market but also in Papua New Guinea, Egypt and New Zealand.

Read the full article here in page 39.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable energy, Magellan Power remains dedicated to driving innovation and reliability while staying committed to advancing local manufacturing and talent. Stay tuned to learn more about how Magellan Power is leading the way in sustainable energy solutions!

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