Magellan Power Wins Another Utility Contract

November 22, 2019

Australian back-up power and Battery Storage manufacturer Magellan Power has secured another utility contract, this time supplying a battery backed-up UPS system for a Wastewater Pumping Station.   

The awarding utility requires an upgrade to an existing Wastewater Pump station, to ensure water pumps are not affected in the event of a power blackout.   

Magellan is to provide a containerised UPS system, consisting of a 130kWh battery bank, 2 x VSD’s and Modbus TCP Communications and Electrical Controls in a fully equipped air-conditioned container which can be deployed on site. All equipment supplied will be made and designed in Western Australia.   

Magellan Power Managing Director Masoud Abshar said the contract was another win for Australian Energy Storage manufacturing.    

“We can make Energy Storage with Lead Acid, Lithium batteries or any other chemistry. This type of flexibility can only come from a company that designs and manufactures here in Australia.”    

“This latest contract highlights the capability of our own engineers, designers and technicians here in WA, and their ability to provide solutions to local utility needs,” he said.

“Creating a system such as this from scratch ensures it is made exactly to the customer needs and specification, and this is why it is so essential to have a collaboration between manufacturer and customer.”

Mr Abshar said that with overseas imported products, the equipment is made with little or no input from the customer, and this can mean the solution is not exactly right for its application.

“We have so many interesting projects and upgrades needed in this country, and it makes sense to use a company which has been in this environment for nearly 30 years and knows many of the issues which will potentially arise.”  

Magellan Power is also currently manufacturing Stand-Alone Power systems for another WA utility, and will dispatch an additional containerised solution for a water project later this year.

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