Magellan Power Supplies Stand Alone DC Power Systems to Australian Gas Operation

November 9, 2021

Australian manufacturer of high reliability back-up power systems, Magellan Power, has dispatched two Stand Alone Power Systems to one of the top five largest gas fields ever discovered in Australia.

Magellan Power has provided a deployable, all-in-one solution which consists of solar panels, batteries and solar charger to ensure continuous power. The equipment was designed specifically for the harsh Australian environment and the remoteness of the gas field.

Two 24VDC Stand Alone Power Systems have been supplied, each with six 330W solar panels. Each skid is Cyclone D Rated with a 100A solar charger and adjustable tilt angle 0-50 degrees. This DC power system is supported by 12 x 2V 1695Ah high reliability solar Gel VRLA batteries with estimated cyclic life of 3000+ cycles at 60% depth of discharge.

The Stand Alone Power System has been designed to be easily transported in one piece, with customised lifting points for lifting onto a standard-sized truck.

Managing Director of Magellan Power, Masoud Abshar, says this project is testament to the value of Australian manufacturing.

“Our Stand Alone Power Systems are designed and built specifically to suit the requirements of our customer and the harsh environment, which we know too well being local to Australia,” says Mr. Abshar. “This has been built to last, with 25-years design life.”

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