Substation Maintenance Essentials

September 27, 2019

Magellan Power has been manufacturing high quality AC and DC power systems for the past 28 years.

Magellan’s products are rugged and reliable and are proven to last decades on site.

The below products are locally made and perfect for servicing and maintaining substation AC & DC back-up power systems.  

Emergency Charger

Australian designed and manufactured, the Emergency Charger is an invaluable tool for keeping substation batteries in a charged state and keeping down time to zero. In case of a substation charger failure, simply connect the Emergency DC Power Supply to the batteries and your charger can be repaired without time pressure.



  • High efficiency switch-mode technology. 
  • Unity power factor. 
  • Low cost, maintenance free. 
  • Analog voltmeter and ammeter. 
  • Adjustable output voltage. 
  • Compact and light weight. 
  • Can be used with Lead Acid and NiCad batteries.

Emergency DC UPS

Magellan’s Emergency DC UPS is a complete solution for avoiding any loss of DC power in substations.The unit is light, compact and portable. It combines an advanced, integrated, reliable battery charging system and light weight, high efficiency Lithium batteries, along with an integrated intelligent battery monitoring system (BMS).The charger operates from 240VAC, providing dual uninterruptible 110VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC power.The unit is to be kept connected to mains at all times when it is not being used to make sure that the batteries are charged and are available at full capacity when needed. This portable DC UPS then allows technicians to restore the site DC power without stress.



  • Compact and portable design.
  • Complete solution for avoiding DC power loss.
  • Uses light-weight, high efficiency lithium batteries with removable modules.
  • Easy to deploy/ portable.
  • Provides dual DC output power, 110V/20A and(24V/25A or 48V/25A).
  • Allows technicians to restore site DC power without stress.

Spare Boards Kits 

Magellan stocks a range of spare PCB boards for all of it’s products, including MCRI, MCRII, iMCRII and SMCRII.

If you require spares, please Click Here and let us know which ones, plus the serial number of your equipment. For questions or further information on the Emergency Chargers, please Contact Us


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