Load Banks & Battery Testers

AC Containerised Load Bank Learn More
AC&DC Resistive Load Banks Learn More
DC Load Bank Learn More
AC Load Bank Learn More


100AH LFP Battery Module Learn More
24VDC and 48VDC LFP Battery Modules Learn More
Magellan MK12-250 Battery Learn More
Magellan MK12-100 Battery Learn More
Magellan MK12-55 Battery Learn More
Magellan MK12-33 Battery Learn More
MK2 Series Batteries, 2V 100-3000Ah Learn More
Magellan MKFT12-200 Battery Learn More
Magellan MKFT12-150 Battery Learn More

Battery Monitoring System

External Battery Monitoring System Learn More
Integrated Battery Monitoring System Learn More

Battery Accessories

Aluminium Battery Lifters Learn More

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