Our local capability is second to none

September 13, 2021

Supporting local manufacturing since 1991

At Magellan Power our local capability is better than most. With over 60 staff at our Western Australia facility, including designers, engineers, manufacturers & an R&D department, we’re committed to supporting the Australian manufacturing industry. 

Thanks to our investment in recruiting local talent since 1991, we are ensuring the future of local industry, while being mostly insulated from the current skills shortage that’s affecting many Australian companies today. This ensures we are able to continue to produce a quality product delivered on time and to custom specifications.

Superior supply chain stability

Our manufacturing team work hard to ensure the majority of Magellan Power components are manufactured ‘in-house’ thus ensuring we have superior supply chain stability.

This stability and strong partnerships with our few external suppliers results’ in shorter lead times when purchasing Magellan Power equipment, helping manage risk for our clients while also enhancing productivity by protecting us from any breaks or delays within the supply chain.

Building components in-house

At Magellan Power, the majority of our components, including our circuit boards are designed & manufactured ‘in-house’

Our team of engineers and purchasing agents are committed to sourcing parts to suit our strict requirements for Magellan components, including buildability, functionality and lifetime use.

These strict requirements ensure all components made within our Bibra Lake manufacturing facility have been specifically developed for Magellan Power products, resulting in a quality Australian made product our customers can continually rely on.

Service Partnerships Australia Wide

Companies around Australia continue to trust Magellan Power as their service & preventative maintenance provider for their UPS, Back Up Power and battery systems. We are proud of our ongoing service relationships with a myriad of mining companies, utilities, airports, hospitals and more throughout Australia servicing equipment protecting critical infrastructure.

Why do these companies choose Magellan Power? Our Australia wide local capability and renowned steadfast support gives us further reach than most.

Magellan differs from other providers as it manufactures its products in Australia, which means customers can access technicians and engineers who assisted in designing and testing products.

Magellan’s Service technicians and engineers are industry leading experts in provision of support through preventative maintenance and onsite repair services, which can eliminate the downtime of your power equipment.

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