BP Kwinana

  • ClientBP Kwinana
  • DateMar 2015
  • Industry SectorsOil & Gas
  • LocationBP Kwinana Refinery

The former Kwinana Refinery, operated by BP, was sited on the shore of Cockburn Sound at Kwinana, near Fremantle, Western Australia.

Magellan Power were approached by BP and Worley Parsons to offer the best solution for design,fabrication,configuration, inspection, testing and documentation of the Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) to be installed for the Alky Upgrade Project at the BP Refinery in Kwinana Western Australia.

Client Requirement

Magellan Power worked with Worley Parsons in order to understand site requirements, and the best solution to provides ultra- reliable uninterruptable power supply for critical loads.

For this project Magellan used 2 x 60kVA 3Ph/3Ph Inform (Legrand) PDSP UPS systems with static bypass input, rectifier input and output galvanic isolation transformers and a step down transformer on the output which reduced output voltage to 110VAC for some special loads.

Battery bank was selected to provide power for full load not less than 30 minutes. Magellan used 62x55Ah battery to achieve required back-up duration. The Battery bank was placed into a fully sealed battery enclosure due to gas emission restrictions inside the switch room. Natural ventilation in the cabinet has been achieved by using inlets and outlets which travel outside of the switch room.


Products Used

Magellan EP UPS
Detailed product description

Available in single and three phases up to 100kVA, Magellan Power’s customized UPS systems are flexible, highly reliable and are a perfect choice for critical applications.

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