UGL Hunter Power Project

  • ClientSnowy Hydro Limited
  • DateSep 2023
  • Industry SectorsPower Generation
  • LocationKurri Kurri, New South Wales

Magellan Power Shapes the Energy Landscape with the Hunter Power Project

The Hunter Power Project is set to feature two heavy-duty open-cycle gas turbines, marking a leap towards efficiency and sustainability in power generation. Operating on natural gas and hydrogen, these turbines are poised to provide much-needed dispatchable energy in the wake of retiring coal-fired power stations. With a capacity of 660 megawatts, this project is a game-changer for Australia’s energy landscape.

Client Requirement

The Hunter Power Project, a critical state significant infrastructure project commissioned by Snowy Hydro Limited (SHL), aimed to address the growing demand for reliable and sustainable energy in New South Wales. The project’s primary goals were to construct a 660MW power generation plant that could operate on hydrogen, natural gas, and diesel as a backup, ensuring a stable power supply even in extreme conditions.

The client required solutions that were not only highly reliable but also aligned with their commitment to reducing emissions and transitioning to cleaner energy sources. The client contracted Magellan Power to deliver fit-for-purpose Australian-made industrial battery chargers and inverters designed specifically to the requirements of the project.


Products Used

Private: 220VDC 240VAC 6kVA Industrial Inverter
Detailed product description

Another requirement for this project was to supply some 1PH AC load with reliable backed up power. Magellan utilized industrial 6kVA 220VDC to 240VAC AC inverters to tackle this requirement and ensuring reliable power is supplied at all times.

Engineered for exceptional reliability and equipped with advanced microprocessor and DSP controls, Magellan Power’s industrial single-phase and three-phase Inverters are engineered to endure continuous full-load operation. These inverters offer comprehensive remote diagnostics, monitoring and reporting capabilities over the internet, complete with integrated data and fault logging, as well as customisable software parameters.

Private: 220VDC 400A Battery Charger
Detailed product description

The project specifications called for high-power 220VDC battery chargers to supply the large load and charge the 1200Ah battery bank. Magellan achieved this goal by utilising custom-built Australian-made SMCRII chargers.

As part of the solution, Magellan Power provided the Hunter Power Project with the three-phase SMCRII Series Battery Charger. This remarkable piece of equipment seamlessly combined rugged and reliable AC to DC rectification technology with advanced microprocessor-controlled systems. With a design life of 25 years, it ensured long-term dependability, a crucial factor for a project of this scale. Manufactured in Australia, the SMCRII is the most efficient and costeffective battery backed up power supply for critical power applications such as in data centres, hospitals, infrastructure, airports and commercial institutions.

Private: 220VDC 415VAC 45kVA Industrial Inverter
Detailed product description

The design of this project required high power industrial inverters to be connected to the output of the 220VDC battery chargers to supply the required 3PH AC loads. Magellan utilised industrial Australian made 45kVA 3PH inverters to meet this requirement.

Designed for high reliability and featuring microprocessor and DSP controls, the Magellan Power industrial singlephase and three-phase Inverters are rated for continuous operation at full load. With full system remote diagnostics, monitoring and reporting via internet, along with integrated data and fault logging and settable software parameters.

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