Dampier to Bunbury

  • ClientAustralian Gas Infrastructure Group
  • DateNov 2021
  • Industry SectorsOil & Gas
  • LocationWA

The Dampier to Bunbury Gas Pipeline is Western Australia’s most important piece of energy infrastructure, transporting gas from the Pilbara Coast to the South West of the state.

Magellan Power has been supplying back-up power systems for the pipeline compressor stations for over 20 years, and most recently has been upgrading the pipeline’s regional compressor stations with Australian designed and manufactured AC and DC systems.

Spanning from Dampier to Bunbury the 10 compressor stations are backed up by Magellan DC Systems in case of power outage. Below are some examples of the work Magellan Power has most recently completed for the station in the past 2 years.

Client Requirement

The customer needed uniformity of product to ensure easier service and maintenance, plus an Australian based manufacturer for providing quick access to spares and maintenance. Also required was a product which could withstand many years of use, and was able to be designed and manufactured exactly to the AGIG specification.


Products Used

MCRII Series Battery Charger
Detailed product description

The MCRII combines the most rugged and reliable AC to DC rectification, which is transformer and thyristor bridge based technology – with the most advanced microprocessor controlled system, to ensure a 25 year design life. 100% Made in Australia, the MCRII series is highly reliable and designed for use in mining, substations, power stations, utility, marine, processing facilities, infrastructure and oil and gas applications. The combination of ultra-rugged industrial design with state of the art advanced communication facilities and intelligent system controls make the MCRII series the most reliable back up power system available.

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Private: Magellan Battery Cell Monitoring System
Detailed product description

The Battery Monitoring System consists of a control unit and a series of cell monitors. The Master control unit can operate as a stand-alone unit or be incorporated into a Magellan MCR-II series, microprocessor-controlled charger.

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