Magellan Power Delivers Custom 2.5MVA Containerised Load Bank for EPC Company’s Testing Needs

February 26, 2024

In 2023, an EPC Company approached Magellan with a specific need: to design and provide a Three-Phase 2.5MVA Resistive and Inductive AC Load Bank. This load bank was intended for permanent installation on-site, serving the crucial function of testing 2.5MVA diesel generators.

Magellan Power meticulously designed and manufactured a custom-built a three-phase 2.5MVA Resistive and Inductive AC Load Bank. Integrated seamlessly into a 20-foot container, our solution was tailored precisely to meet the client’s requirements.

Our design incorporated two control modes, providing flexibility and ease of operation. Users could access the load bank locally via an integrated control panel or remotely through PC software, enhancing convenience and efficiency in testing procedures.

With a diverse range of steps for resistive and inductive loads, the load bank accurately simulated various operational conditions, enabling comprehensive testing of the large generators on-site.

Recognising the importance of durability in outdoor applications, we engineered the container with a high IP rating of 54, ensuring protection against the elements. Furthermore, the container was fully powder-coated to withstand harsh environmental conditions, guaranteeing longevity and reliability.

The system also incorporated multiple safety features, including a siren and audible alarm, emergency lighting and an exit door equipped with a panic bar, ensuring swift evacuation in emergencies.

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