Magellan Power’s Australian Made Stand Alone Power System

July 16, 2018

A Stand Alone Power System (or remote area power system) is an off grid electricity generation system for remote locations which are not easily connected to the local utility (due to distance and/or cost).  It allows a house, community, business or farm to have its own renewable, reliable and cost effective power. Many remotely located organisations and homes in Australia do not have access to a centralised electricity grid, and even when connection is possible it can cost thousands of dollars per kilometer. Long transmission also makes the grid power unreliable and vulnerable to natural disasters. Alternatively, many chose to use diesel powered generators which are expensive in fuel, inconvenient, noisy and damaging to the environment. Magellan Australian made single and three phase Stand Alone Power Systems are designed to operate independently of the grid, they are highly reliable, cost effective, and maximise the use of renewable energy.

Components of Stand Alone Power 

A typical Magellan SPS consists of the following components:

These include:  

• PV Panels 

• A Magellan Inverter/ Charger 

• Lithium Batteries 

• Diesel Generator

All components of the Magellan Stand Alone Power System are chosen for their durability and reliability in the harsh conditions of the Western Australian outback.

Components of the SPS from left: Magellan Inverter, Magellan Lithium Battery Bank, Solar Panels and Diesel Generator. 

The Magellan SPS can be used for a range of applications, as seen below. Contact us to discuss your applications below.


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